Connected Disinfection Services

“The benefit of a longer-lasting antimicrobial product is the reduced need to clean and disinfect a surface or object every time after someone new touches it. Transit agencies around the country are currently using multi-step cleaning and disinfection processes, but would greatly benefit from a product that had long-lasting disinfection capabilities.”

— EPA July 2020


Why Lavo?

  • The only patent pending, four step data collection process that measures cleanliness.
  • We utilize real-time technology to make improved decisions around disinfection accuracy and efficiency of service.
  • We have preferred access to Omni “Shield” the only EPA approved product coating that creates a 90 day “minefield” for viruses and bacteria, as utilized by the Mayo Clinic.


Proven results

  • Restaurant realized 94% decrease in microbes, including a 98% decrease on the bar top.
  • Fitness facility realized a 72% decrease in microbes on equipment and 83% on lobby chair.
  • Five Star Hotel realized a 90-97% decrease in microbes on door handles.
  • Manufacturing plant realized 90% decrease in microbes, including 95% on a forklift.


Benefits of spraying / fogging

  • Spraying / Fogging covers hard and soft surfaces, floors and ventilation
  • Cleans most room surfaces 10X faster than wiping.
  • Can reduce organism counts by 50-99%, as validated by Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) swab testing.
  • Fogging is identified as a “promising disinfectant application method” by the EPA.


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