Introducing the Biodose, the Future of Drain Treatment!

Introducing the Biodose, the Future of Drain Treatment!

Lavo, along with our supplier, is pleased to introduce the Biodose: the future of biological treatment! This new product is an ideal, cost-effective, solid chemistry for the treatment of FOGs (or fats, oils, and greases). The Biodose was “born out of the need to provide a safer, greener more cost-effective solid chemistry solution for the treatment of FOG”.

The Biodose Block can be used specifically for a customers’ own application, utilizing the Universal Block (UB-1).

The Benefits of Using Biodose

The program contains a “solution of bacteria and cleaning agents which, when dispensed regularly into drain systems via the Biodose-DT Dispenser, will digest organic materials and reduce the complications caused by FOG”. There are several benefits of using this product. One block itself can last an estimated 2 months! The foaming action from the process creates a 360° coating of the pipework. All chemicals are delivered effectively by the Biodose Dissolver, a wall mounted battery powered dispenser that needs only a water source to work and features a Bluetooth programmable timer.

Curious to see how exactly the Biodose works? Check out this video!

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