Lavo’s MiniWash 100 Helps Keep Firefighters Safe

The MiniWash 100, a single OPL Laundry Pump from Lavo Solutions, is effective in properly cleaning firefighters’ turnout gear. 

NFPA 1851 set new requirements for how fire departments select, track, inspect, clean, repair, store and retire PPE in an effort to combat severe illnesses among firefighters related to hazardous contaminants on PPE. The simple and compact MiniWash 100, when combined with a wash extractor and an approved NFPA detergent, helps firehouses be in compliance with NFPA 1851 requirements. MiniWash 100 allows the highest volume output of chemicals for a single laundry pump on the market to effectively clean turnout gear.

It’s Important to Properly Clean Turnout Gear

The protective clothing firefighters use must be kept clean to ensure its proper performance. Since dirty gear doesn’t carry as much insulation, it is more likely to conduct heat and electricity, lacks liquid shedding properties, and can potentially become flammable –  increasing the risk of injury or death from combustion, burns, diseases, and heat. Contaminants & chemicals from fighting a fire can (with time) break down the protective properties of your gear. Moreover, many contaminants are carcinogens and skin toxic chemicals. These contaminants may be harmful to firefighter’s health. Also, if the reflective gear on a firefighter is dirty, it might not be as visible, and if you can’t be seen, an accident might happen, which can lead to a lethal outcome.

Ease of Use

With a full installation kit included, our MiniWash 100 can be wired directly to a washer or be used with an optional push-button remote. This allows for adaptability to any firehouse application! MiniWash 100 also comes ready for installation and is easy to program, making it the first choice for firehouse applications.

To learn how to program Lavo’s MiniWash 100, click here.

Lavo Solutions is proud to help firefighters ensure compliance with NFPA 1851 to keep these important first responders safe.