Month: July 2020

Updated EPA Guidance on Disinfection

The EPA has reinforced the effectiveness of the Lavo Solutions disinfection process. Using professional grade dispensing equipment to mist / fog a space with an approved chemical for disinfection, followed by the use of a long lasting antimicrobial like OMNIShield, can destroy bacteria on contact for up to 90 days after cleaning. Why choose spraying / fogging …

Using Data to Inform the Cleaning Process

Lavo Solutions was the guest on ISSA Media’s Straight Talk segment, where Lavo CEO and Founder, Chip McAslan, discussed the role of data in cleaning and how it can inform and define training and process. For more information on Lavo’s data and analytic process, contact us here.

Cam’s Corner – Five reasons connected laundry dispensers will help your business

Drain maintenance program are critical for commercial kitchens everywhere. Here are five ways to optimize a drain maintenance program.