CleanJet Foaming Systems

The CleanJet Foaming solutions are ideal for cleaning and rinsing a wide range of surfaces, such as meat rooms, food prep areas, full service kitchens, processing and packing areas, truck washing, loading docks, and gym and school locker rooms.

The units are water and air operated and will produce a dry, thick foam, providing optimal working time for the foam on the surface. There is no need for an electrical connection, simply connect an inlet water and approved air hose, set pressure gauges, and start foaming.

The CleanJet System features a fully line of metering tips to fit just about any dilution rate for concentrated cleaners. The units also come with a hose and spray foam attachment and the unit itself will serve as the hose hanger to neatly store the hose. Simple and reliable, the CleanJet system requires little to no maintenance, making it the perfect choice for cleaning professionals everywhere.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated air and water gauge
  • 2 product and rinse model standard
  • 32 ft foam hose and foam wand included
  • Full installation kit and metering tips included


  • Flow rate from 0.85 GPM (Foam)
  • Max Working Temperature of 130° F
  • Rinse Max: 85 (PSI), 6.5:1 (Dilution), 4.2 GPM
  • Product Max: 22 (PSI), 1429:1 (Dilution), 2.4 (GPM)
  • Optional Kit: 1-2.5 (GPM), 339:1-6:1 (Dilution), 20-80 (PSI)