Portable Precision Cart Fogger

The Portable PD Precision Fogger is a chemical atomizer that uses compressed air to draw pre-diluted chemical solution from a pail on the stainless steel cart. The chemical solution flows through the twin-line hose and thumb-gun to the fogger body which atomizes the chemical and projects it as light, “damp” fog particles at distances up to 15 feet. This fog is ideal for achieving “dwell time” for chemical on surfaces, kThis unit features an on-board 120V air compressor and requires only an electrical connection. Used for sanitizing healthcare facilities, schools, hotel/ motel, food and beverage, industrial and manufacturing and more.

Key Features

  • Self-contained, portable system
  • Atomizes chemical solutions using compressed air
  • Very quiet, 120V air compressor
  • Projects light, “damp” fog particles up to 15′
  • 10 precision metering tips allow the user to refine the particle size
  • Stainless steel construction


  • Stainless steel, 4 wheel cart assembly with hose rack
  • Non-marking tires with stainless steel swivel casters
  • 120V air compressor
  • 25′ twin-line air/chemical hose with activation ball valves
  • Machined stainless steel 633 fogger body
  • Stainless steel metering tip holder


  • 5 Gallon Pail
  • Square Jug Rack Conversion
  • Specify Round or Square Jug Racks at time of order
  • Proportioning / Filling Options
  • 1-Way Ball Valve Mixing Station (4 GPM)