LavoWare Pro 2-Pump

The LavoWare 2-Pump features convenient, state-of-the-art warewash chemical dispensing solutions. The versatile, intuitive design can be configured to dispense 2 chemicals, either for all liquid products or a solid detergent with two liquid products. The LCD display enables easy setup and installation and the units require little to no maintenance. LavoWare series offers digital display or analog mode in an IP65 rated enclosure.

The LavoWare series can be used with single rack door style or conveyor dishwashers. Choose between standard conductivity probes or the optional inductive probes for highly accurate detergent dosing. It is suited for use in kitchens, restaurants, hotels, bars, snack bars, and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Installation kit and hardware are included
  • Detergent and rinse options available
  • Variable speed pumps with easy adjustments to control speed and dosing volume
  • Optional password protection
  • Digital display or analog controls to fit your needs
  • Optimal electronics protection with an IP65 rated enclosure
  • Quick connecting squeeze tubes
  • Conductivity probes standard. Optional Inductive probes available.


  • Power Input: 24-240 VAC
  • Signal Inputs: 20-265VAC
  • Variable speed output (10-100%) with max 8 oz/min