HandyFoam & Spray

HandyFoam & Spray Portable Foaming & Spray Systems

The HandyFoam & Spray system is the fastest, easiest, most convenient solution to wash, sanitize, and rinse small and large surfaces.

These portable solutions come equipped with a spray gun featuring a quick connector and chemical tank available in two sizes. The HandyFoam & Spray can be connected to a water hose for a powerful fresh water rinse.

The HandyFoam & Spray units can be carried to surface clean as needed. They require little to no maintenance. It is perfect for use in showers and suanas, industrial kitchens, dock and dumpsters, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, grooming facilities, dairy farms and breweries

Features & Benefits

  • Metering Tip kit and spray gun included. Ultra-Lean
  • metering tips are available.
  • Spray gun can be used for powerful fresh water rinse
  • Chemical resistant tanks
  • Quick connecting, lightweight spray gun features nickel plated brass connector
  • Creates an easy and safe way of effectively mixing concentrates
  • Spray or Foaming lids are available for a variety of


  • Dilution rate: 110:1 – 250:1
  • Pressure: 20-80psi
  • Max temp 110°F
  • .4Gal and .7Gal tank size available