Connected Solutions Now, across applications, you can view real time data, formulas, and flow rates for dispensing equipment all over the world - from the web.

Lavo offers a full line of affordable, metered dosing equipment that uses web-enabled technology to control essential data, efficiency, and real-time information for chemical dispensing applications. You and your teams can troubleshoot from afar, have access to systems in places that are not-accessible, ensure chemical containers are never too low or empty and ensure chemical dilutions are effective. Connected equipment keeps people safe, saves time and money, and allows a total overview of all the systems you care about in one place. This is the future of dispensing.

Why Invest in Connected Equipment

  • Immediate ROI. Systems can cost less than 1 service call
  • Increase efficiency and revenue
  • Maximize account profitability
  • Reduce service costs up to 30%
  • Immediate email alert notifications of warnings, issues, and errors
  • 100% asset visibility
  • Significantly improve customer response time (proactive vs reactive)


  • Total overview of formulas, chemical injections and usage, plant efficiency, and flow rates
  • Clear and consistent documentation and reporting capabilities
  • 24/7 visibility to¬†your account operations
  • Applications for small, medium and large facilities
  • Encrypted and secured data and software

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