Chemicals are used in food processes for production, maintenance, and sanitation, so it’s important that you ensure the chemicals that
During the cold and flu season each year, millions of Americans face illness and the financial consequences of having to take sick
When you walk into a commercial facility, you expect it to be organized and clean. Streaky floors, strange odors, and a cluttered
When used properly, cleaning chemicals are relatively safe. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and there are several precautions and things to
Restrooms in middle and high schools across the country have been the target of the recent TikTok bathroom challenge, "Devious
The type of cleaning equipment greatly depends on the location or environment you are intending to clean. It’s important to
Is investing in professional commercial cleaning equipment a good idea? Definitely! The equipment can make the cleaning and disinfection process
Cleaning and disinfecting are part of a broad approach to preventing infectious diseases in schools. To put simply, cleaning and disinfecting
Safety precautions are crucial in any industry. Safety within chemical industry applications is incredibly important since a failure to adhere to
Over 80% of employees in America feel there is something that makes their job stressful. Fortunately, there are several things
In the wake of COVID-19, the question remains: “Will the enhanced cleaning and disinfection processes that have been developing over the
With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted and vaccinations rolling out, restaurants and stores have begun to open back up. After a
Lavo employees have experience and knowledge in the chemical dispensing world. Our goal is to deliver new products and excellent
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the workplace dynamic has changed. However, with vaccines rolling out, businesses have started
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released its annual Inspection Observation Data for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020. This data
Today, more and more businesses have been incorporating IoT technology to improve the productivity and efficiency of their operations. So, how exactly would your facility benefit from
Regulations for food processing and safety are constantly changing, and the past year has accelerated the modernization of the industry
Connected solutions are useful in coupling data and equipment together to show the efficiency and effectiveness of commercial laundry operations.
Today, technology is embedded in most aspects of our lives. More and more businesses are incorporating technology into their operations
Why are connected solutions the newest innovation in cleaning equipment and technology for janitorial / sanitation and commercial laundry? There are several
Recently, there have been a considerable number of ads featuring electrostatic sprayers (e-stat sprayers), specifically the backpack models. Most of these models
Electrostatic sprayers were a big topic over the past few months. However, there are a lot of dangers that come
Custom labeling for dispensing equipment adds a professional look to a product and elevates the brand. This professionalism can increase
Lavo is proud of how simple and easy it is to install our Premium LavoDose Select +1 with cabinet. We soon
OSHA, or the "Occupational Safety and Health Administration", has been implementing more standards for cleaning and disinfecting - notably around protecting
Throughout the past year, cleaning and disinfecting have been key aspects of society due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it’s
December 2020 - Congress passed a $900 billion COVID-relief and $1.4 trillion government funding package that will provide Americans with critical pandemic
This past year, the business world’s way of doing things turned upside down when Covid-19 hit. The pandemic has changed
Congress and President Trump recently approved a COVID-19 relief package that will provide aid for the economy. The over 5,000-page
Lavo Solutions is proud to work with GBAC Star, the cleaning industry's only outbreak prevention, response and recovery accreditation for
Lavo Solutions helps our partners in manufacturing to define and implement cleaning and sanitization efforts for warehouse spaces. These efforts
Lavo's Co-Founder Campbell Dodson has been selected to American Laundry News 2021 Panel of Experts. Campbell, a veteran of the
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The EPA has reinforced the effectiveness of the Lavo Solutions disinfection process. Using professional grade dispensing equipment to mist / fog
Lavo Solutions was the guest on ISSA Media's Straight Talk segment, where Lavo CEO and Founder, Chip McAslan, discussed the
Lavo Solutions recently highlighted a WSJ article on our LinkedIn page. It is one of the best articles we've seen about
Lavo has always believed the difference is in the data, and proof of clean matters. It is more important today
The opportunity is here to demand industrial-strength cleaning is done properly - every time. Lavo is proud to partner with
Lavo is more than dispensing equipment. Each day, the Lavo team is creating custom product solutions for our customers. We
Lavo is more than dispensing equipment. Each day, the Lavo team is supporting customers with installation and technical support on
Does your business receive pallets full of dispensing equipment with no indication what is in each box? This causes massive
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Drain maintenance program are critical for commercial kitchens everywhere. Here are five ways to optimize a drain maintenance program.
Drain maintenance program are critical for commercial kitchens everywhere. Here are five ways to optimize a drain maintenance program.
It is no secret that programmed wash formulas affect laundry operations. A proactive review of the programmed wash formulas in
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A true “one size fits all” laundry dispensing solution. LavoWash OPL dispensers offer 3-6 pump configurations with flow rates from
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