How Cleaning Can Reduce Workplace Illnesses

During the cold and flu season each year, millions of Americans face illness and the financial consequences of having to take sick days from work. For employers, this generates additional health care expenses and a decrease in productivity. A study created by the Integrated Benefits Institute found that for every dollar spent on healthcare benefits, another $0.61 of productivity is lost to illness and injury.

One way to minimize the cost of a decrease in productivity due to employee illness is to implement routine commercial cleanings. Cleaning and disinfecting the workplace becomes especially important during the cold and flu season when viruses can spread through surface contact. Routine workplace cleaning and disinfecting contributes to the well-being of employees and reduces employer costs related to employee sick leave.

Even if a workplace can look clean, germs and other harmful bacteria can be present. Public places should be committed to protecting their customer and the general public’s health by maintaining a sanitized workplace, which includes ensuring properly disinfecting all surfaces. With thoroughness and skill, these cleaning services companies can reduce the amount of absenteeism in the workplace.

Proper Cleaning Practices Are Key

Cleaning with appropriate cleaning agents will remove any germs before they can affect people. The easiest way to reduce the incidence of workplace illness is through proper cleaning practices. Effective cleaning reduces the number of bacteria that people come in contact with every day. Skilled cleaning requires detailed processes, training, and quality control. A well-trained professional cleaner will be aware of the best practices involved in ensuring that harmful bacteria become a thing of the past! It’s incredibly important to create a plan for this.

Illness-related lost productivity cost employers about $575 billion last year. This issue can be prevented or at least lessened with proper cleaning practices. There is a strong relationship between sick days and the cost of loss of productivity this year which can demonstrate the need to keep employees healthy for the well-being of themselves as well as their employers! Even the most routine cleaning practices can be incredibly beneficial.