UPDATED: EPA Guidance on Disinfection

The EPA has reinforced the effectiveness of the Lavo Solutions disinfection process. Using professional grade dispensing equipment to mist / fog a space with an approved chemical for disinfection, followed by the use of a long lasting antimicrobial like OMNIShield, can destroy bacteria on contact for up to 90 days after cleaning.

Why choose spraying / fogging to disinfect?

  • Spraying / Fogging covers hard and soft surfaces, floors and ventilation
  • Cleans most room surfaces 10X faster than wiping.
  • Can reduce organism counts by 50-99%, as validated by Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) swab testing.
  • Fogging is identified as a “promising disinfectant application method” by the EPA.

Cleaning has changed, and there are advanced process and products that can help keep you and your employees safe. Contact Lavo Solutions to learn more.

Read the full guidance from the EPA.