What Can Custom Labels Do For Your Business?

Custom labeling for dispensing equipment adds a professional look to a product and elevates the brand. This professionalism can increase brand awareness and sales. Lavo is proud to provide custom labels on our products for our brands and customers. Also, Lavo does not require a minimum order quantity for custom labeling. Along with being a great way to let customers know they are getting a quality product, there are several other benefits of custom labeling…

An example of Lavo’s custom labeling

Custom Labeling Is Great for Safety and Compliance

Custom labels can improve safety by clearly stating what the product is and providing warnings about chemicals and other potential hazards. This can reduce the chance of an accident happening and ensure that staff is aware of the locations of chemicals. This is also an important step in being compliant with OSHA and other local, state, and federal standards. Coupled with a properly labeled and locked chemical storage rack, Lavo products is a perfect example of a product with labels and associated wall charts that are successful in being compliant with every standard.

Customer Labeling Can Help Drive Sales

A custom label can help clearly identify your product and therefore make it stand out from the competition. It also can convey information and reflect your brand’s personality. Lavo excels with these objectives, which can, in turn, help drive sales. By providing custom labeling, Lavo can help a brand relay a specific message or details. This labeling is used to show contact information for customers to reorder the product as well as details for relevant products.

Custom Labeling Reinforces the Brand

It’s also possible to build a brand image and consumer trust by using custom labeling since the role of the label is presence and recognition. When your product is packaged or sent to delivery, you’re presenting your brand to the customer. Customized labels create a connection between the quality of your product as well as your brand name. Another thing to note is that: Consumers become loyal customers to a brand they can trust.
For Lavo customers, there is no order minimum for custom labeling. If needed or wanted, we can custom label any of our products for our customers. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your brand!