Cam’s Corner: 5 Reasons Connected Laundry Dispensers Help Businesses!

Everyone is talking about connected products in the chemical dispensing industry. But is anyone explaining how they benefit your business and your sales?

Connected products have been at the core of Lavo from the beginning. and here is what we’ve learned.

10% increase in chemical consumption
Connected dispensers ensure the right amount of chemical is used for each cycle. They also ensure that no cycles are run without chemical- which is happening everyday. Connected solutions provide real-time alerts BEFORE the chemical runs out, ensuring that chemical application is achieved.

30% average reduction in service cost
Connected solutions enable laundry operators, chemical distributors and other stakeholders to proactively monitor systems remotely, 24/7.  Chemical companies are embracing a proactive service approach and eliminating  the “milk run” model.  This is critical and improves the ability to monitor many sites and reduce service costs. This also ensures wash formulas are correct every time, which drastically decreases re-wash.

99% downtime reduction of dispensing systems 
We’ve had check engine lights in our cars for decades, now we have them for our dispensing systems.  With data, we know when an issue is starting. We also know what the specific issue is, increasing the effectiveness of remote and onsite troubleshooting from service teams.

100% asset visibility
You’ve made a large investment in dispensing equipment.  By adding connectivity, you know if those systems are being used to their potential and also where they are located via GPS.

100% chemical delivery validation
Proper dilution keeps us clean, safe and healthy. With connectivity, you can confirm your chemicals are being properly delivered, in the right ratio, every time.

Data matters and can benefit your business and your customers. Connect with Lavo to learn about our range of connected dispensing solutions.

Campbell Dodson is Co-Founder of Lavo Solutions. For more information, contact Lavo Solutions at or call 949-377-1250.