Why Professional Cleaning Equipment Can Stop COVID-19

The opportunity is here to demand industrial-strength cleaning is done properly – every time.

Lavo is proud to partner with chemical companies around the world to provide professional-grade dispensing equipment to schools, airplanes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, long-term care facilities, fitness centers, and more. Over 300 consumer and commercial grade products are proven to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Many of these are dispensed with Lavo equipment.

Coronavirus has put a new lens on our industry; consumers care – and count on – how facilities they visit are cleaned and sanitized. Businesses, hotels, gyms, and care facilities are being more transparent about how and when they clean their surfaces.

Don’t be afraid to ask if a facility is using a professional grade cleaner, but also if they are using professional equipment to dilute and dispense it. Chemical dispensing equipment ensures that each chemical is mixed properly every time, ensuring efficacy. This means there is no human error or shortcut taken, and the right amount of professional chemicals is used on surfaces and in laundry and dishwashing equipment.

In many situations, other industrial solutions like foamers and foggers can apply chemistry that kills bacteria and viruses to an entire space easily and without the need to wipe everything down. This again removes the risk of human error, like missing a surface or crevice while cleaning.

Consumers are taking a more active role in demanding clean, both at home and outside of the home. We must continue to uphold this new standard to keep ourselves, family, friends, and neighbors healthy and safe.