How Data Can Prove Cleaning Is Being Done Correctly

Lavo has always believed the difference is in the data, and proof of clean matters. It is more important today than ever.

Not only should employees and consumers be demanding that industrial strength cleaning is done properly, we should be asking for the proof. What was the process? Was there appropriate dwell time? Was it cleaned with a commercial grade product approved by the EPA? Was professional dilution equipment used?

One simple way to prove all the appropriate steps were taken is to collect data before and after cleaning. This can prove the appropriate steps were taken and the process was effective. The data and analytics can inform the standard of clean that should be upheld, and also ensure that a facility is cleaned to that standard each and every time the process happens.

ISSA, the cleaning industry association, recently had a conversation with John Richter of Miami University Ohio. John reinforced the importance of data collection to prove clean.