Why a Clean Work Environment is Important for Mental Health

Over 80% of employees in America feel there is something that makes their job stressful. Fortunately, there are several things business employers can do to make a positive impact on the mental health of their employees. One of the biggest issues affecting employees, especially today is: cleanliness, or lack thereof. It’s important to understand the relationship between cleanliness throughout the workplace with the wellness of employees.

Clean Environments Can Improve Health Issues

Organization is key to reducing stress by establishing a cleaning process that will help employees feel safe – examples include: removing clutter, being more efficient, and staying on top of tasks. By removing germs and contaminants from surfaces in the work environment, employees can start feeling not only mentally, but physically better as well. A clean work environment can also boost productivity by removing distractions and allowing workers to stay focused on their tasks – as well as increase morale and motivation.

Keeping a sanitary work environment offers various benefits related to employee health and safety, including the prevention of the spread of germs and illnesses. Offices can be a great source of bacteria, but frequently cleaning surfaces like door handles, phones, and desks can reduce this from happening. Stress that is caused to cluttered workplaces, dirty restrooms, and messy common areas can be reduced if the workplace is kept clean. It is necessary to “provide employees with a clean workplace to help them feel more organized and focused” (FE).

Use Professional Grade Equipment

A hygienic work environment is not only important for reducing stress and maintaining a healthy work environment but also to project a positive image for your business. One way to accomplish this is using professional-grade equipment to ensure cleaning is done properly. Professional equipment, coupled with a professional chemical, can ensure a work environment is properly cleaned and disinfected, which can, in turn, allow you to focus on other aspects of your employees.

Lavo provides a wide variety of products that are easy to use with multiple functions, so office administrators, janitorial staff, and employees can feel confident offices are sanitized properly and ready to be used. Our office-friendly tech is an effective solution for cleaning all aspects of any commercial space – desks, tables, break rooms. What is the result? A safe work environment for everyone, and therefore less stress among employees!

Employees value the cleanliness of their workplace, especially as we transition from the pandemic to the new post-COVID normal. A clean workplace can positively impact employee health and safety, workforce productivity, and satisfaction, then providing a sanitary environment should be a top priority for building managers.