Food Service Cleaning Solutions

Restaurants, Kitchens & Cafeterias

Chemical dispensers, proportioners, and dilution control that help clean and sanitize restaurants. 

Restaurants have always required deep cleaning and sanitization, but now there is an even greater emphasis on cleaning  regulations in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Lavo Solutions utilizes the latest technologies and commercial restaurant cleaning equipment to keep the kitchen clean and disinfected and staff and customers safe. 

Lavo understands the value of pairing simple, easy-to-use dilution control systems and cleaning chemicals to create effective, user-friendly restaurant cleaning solutions. This combination ensures you can properly clean, sanitize, and disinfect equipment and surfaces throughout any food service facility. From the dishwasher and sinks to counters, floors, and drains, Lavo provides the right series of solutions to fit a kitchen’s and customer’s specific needs.

Product Uses

The fast-paced, ever-changing restaurant world requires adaptability and cleaning solutions that can get the job done regardless of kitchen setup or size. Lavo restaurant cleaning solutions are ideal for use on all types of food service applications, from large industrial kitchens to reimagined fast casual spaces. The SimpleSink series offers easy-to-operate, water-driven chemical dispensing equipment for restaurants with 15 metering tips to choose from to all sink dosing needs and ensure precision and accuracy during cleaning.  

Additionally, the DrainPro Series automatically delivers chemicals at programmed timed intervals to maintain sanitization and minimize waste in the kitchen. Lavo’s commercial restaurant cleaning equipment tackles the toughest cleaning jobs, and all products can be combined based on the customized needs of both the front and back of the house. 

Benefits of Lavo Solutions

Restaurant owners, staff, and guests can gain peace of mind with the cleaning effectiveness of Lavo Solutions. Simple, clean, connected products that are ready-to-use on a wide range of surfaces provide ideal restaurant cleaning solutions to ensure a sanitized space. 


The SimpleSink Series is a premium choice in chemical dispensing equipment for restaurants with a state-of-the-art dilution system that automatically mixes the precise amount of chemical with water, delivering an accurate solution every time.

LavoWare Pro

The LavoWare Series features convenient, innovative warewash restaurant chemical dispensers. The versatile, intuitive design requires little to no maintenance and can be configured to dispense up to three chemicals.

LavoDose Select +1

LavoDose Series is a proportioning system that reliably dilutes chemical concentrates. With its small, compact size and wide range of metering tips, this fully modular system simplifies inventory and can efficiently fill chemical containers of various sizes with accurately diluted solutions.

CleanJet Sprayer

CleanJet Foaming solutions are ideal for cleaning and rinsing a wide range of surfaces, such as a restaurant’s trash and dumpster areas. The water- and air-operated units work without an electrical connection to produce a dry, thick foam.


The DrainPro Series is designed for drain and grease trap maintenance to ensure they remain free-flowing and odor-free. As one of the most essential restaurant cleaning solutions, it saves kitchen operators time and money by helping minimize costly clean out procedures due to waste build up.