School Cleaning Solutions

Chemical Dispensing Equipment for Schools ‌

Cleaning dispensers, proportioners, and injectors that help clean and sanitize schools. ‌

Lavo Solutions identifies the biggest health hazards in schools, which includes preventing the spread of COVID-19, and delivers simple, effective products to clean, sanitize, and disinfect various types of surfaces and environments. From locker rooms to bathrooms and classrooms to lunch room areas, Lavo provides school cleaning solutions that allow administrators, teachers, students, and parents to feel confident about the safety of their educational facilities.

Additionally, Lavo knows how easy it is for air quality to get compromised in shared, open spaces. Ensuring chemical concentrates are properly diluted for effectiveness and safety by professional equipment, rather than by hand, keeps people safe and upholds the highest cleanliness standards.

Benefits of Lavo Solutions

Lavo Solutions simplifies school ‌cleaning‌ ‌solutions. With a wide range of products that have easy-to-use, interchangeable components and provide multiple functions to choose from. Teachers, office administrators, janitorial staff, students, and parents can feel confident their schools are sanitized and ready for use.

Hand Sanitizer Station‌

As one of the most relied upon school cleaning solutions, the hand sanitizer station works with more hand care products than any other on the market. It uses interchangeable pumps to allow perfect dispensing of a variety of products, including liquid and foam soaps, spray, cream and gels.

Precision Fogger

Fogging and spraying equipment is ideal for school disinfection. A professional sprayer allows an atomized chemical to reach high ceilings, disinfect soft surfaces, and coat walls, floors and books with a safe and properly diluted chemical. These systems are portable and easy to use.

CleanJet Foaming

CleanJet Foaming solutions are designed for cleaning and rinsing a wide range of surfaces, such as gym and school locker rooms, as well as outdoor playground equipment, and facilities including trash and dumpster. The units are water- and air-operated and produce a dry, thick foam; simply connect an inlet water and approved air hose, set pressure gauges, and start foaming.

LavoDose‌ ‌Dispenser‌

The LavoDose Dispenser proportioning system reliably dilutes chemical concentrates, efficiently filling chemical containers, from mop buckets to bottles, with accurately diluted solutions. It’s ideal for use in all learning institutions and light industrial cleaning applications.


The SimpleSink Series is a state-of-the-art chemical dilution & proportioning system that dispenses a pre-determined dose of chemicals into a set amount of water. The SimpleSink series is perfect for getting an accurate chemical solution every time.


The DrainPro Series is perfect for drain and grease trap maintenance. This is an essential piece of kitchen equipment that keeps drains and grease traps free-flowing and odor-free and is integral to preventative kitchen maintenance.