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Schedule a Call with Lavo’s Co-Founders at ISSA

Lavo is virtually exhibiting at the 2020 ISSA show. Do you want to learn more about our connected people, processes and equipment? You can schedule time with us to hear for yourself. Schedule a 15 minute consultation with Lavo’s Founders, Chip McAslan and Campbell Dodson to learn more.

Join the Lavo Team!

Lavo is hiring! Join the fastest growing dilution control team in the industry. Lavo West Coast Sales Job Description Lavo Mid-West Sales Job Description Contact lavo@lavosolutions.com for more information.

UPDATED: EPA Guidance on Disinfection

The EPA has reinforced the effectiveness of the Lavo Solutions disinfection process. Using professional grade dispensing equipment to mist / fog a space with an approved chemical for disinfection, followed by the use of a long lasting antimicrobial like OMNIShield, can destroy bacteria on contact for up to 90 days after cleaning. Why choose spraying / fogging …

Using Data to Inform the Cleaning Process

Lavo Solutions was the guest on ISSA Media’s Straight Talk segment, where Lavo CEO and Founder, Chip McAslan, discussed the role of data in cleaning and how it can inform and define training and process. For more information on Lavo’s data and analytic process, contact us here.

Equipment Makes Cleaning Easier and More Effective

Lavo Solutions recently highlighted a WSJ article on our LinkedIn page. It is one of the best articles we’ve seen about the importance of a multi-step cleaning process that includes dwell time of chemical on a surface to kill virus and bacteria. Equipment exists that makes the cleaning process efficient and effective. And, don’t forget, data …

How Data Can Prove Cleaning Is Being Done Correctly

Lavo has always believed the difference is in the data, and proof of clean matters. It is more important today than ever. Not only should employees and consumers be demanding that industrial strength cleaning is done properly, we should be asking for the proof. What was the process? Was there appropriate dwell time? Was it …

Why Professional Cleaning Equipment Can Stop COVID-19

The opportunity is here to demand industrial-strength cleaning is done properly – every time. Lavo is proud to partner with chemical companies around the world to provide professional-grade dispensing equipment to schools, airplanes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, long-term care facilities, fitness centers, and more. Over 300 consumer and commercial grade products are proven to help stop …

Lavo Introduced in ISSA News

Thanks to our friends at ISSA for including Lavo Solutions in the ISSA News! Lavo is proud to be a member of the World Wide Cleaning Association. Contact us to connect at the ISSA Show in Dallas.

Say Hello to LavoWash!

A true “one size fits all” laundry dispensing solution. LavoWash OPL dispensers offer 3-6 pump configurations with flow rates from 17-68 oz/min, providing customization for machines from 50 to 600 lbs. Save on service costs with a simple solution for small to large OPL applications.

Lavo Solutions Offer Custom Labeling

Lavo can custom label our products for your brand or customer. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your brand.