Why You Should Consider Alternatives to Backpack Sprayers

Recently, there have been a considerable number of ads featuring electrostatic sprayers (e-stat sprayers), specifically the backpack models. Most of these models have at least a 2-2.5 gallon reservoir and some as much as a 4-gallon sized reservoir. Based on these reservoir sizes, that equates to as much as 30-35 lbs. of additional weight that cleaning professionals carry around a facility on their back.

An ABC News article stated, “Carrying excessive weight in a backpack can cause wear-and-tear on the joints, ligaments, and muscles across the entire back and in the hips.” It goes on to say that The American Academy of Pediatrics noted…that college-age and adults should never carry a backpack weighing more than, 15 to 20 percent of their body weight.

And according to the website for attorney Corey R. Pollard in the state of VA, “You have a greater risk of hurting your back at work if your job involves any of the following duties and responsibilities. Lifting or carrying items weighing more than 25 pounds.” Those injuries or worker compensation claims, which can result from the handling of the additional heavyweight, can cost employers millions of dollars annually.

A Lavo Alternative to Electrostatic Sprayers

So why would you expose your cleaning professionals to those kinds of workplace hazards? The Lavo Precision PD Mobile fogging cart features a 5-gallon container for less frequent filling and fast, easy coverage per square foot. It features an on-board air compressor and a 50 ft extension hose for movement throughout any space.

The fog needed for disinfection applications can be adjusted easily within the hose end attachment. All of this fits neatly and securely on a four-wheeled heavy-duty cart, with no lifting required. And the best part, you can be certain your employees will thank you for not having to carry 30+ pounds around.

Call (949) 377-1250 or visit our website www.lavosolutions.com for more information and request a quote. You’ll be surprised at how affordable these solutions can be!