Connected Success Stories: Nursing Home Chain

Why are connected solutions the newest innovation in cleaning equipment and technology for janitorial / sanitation and commercial laundry?

There are several reasons! Connected Solutions use new and innovative technology. They are also easy to install and lower service costs. In fact, connected solutions generate a 30% average reduction in service cost! Connected products have been at the core of Lavo from the beginning and are proven to work and help businesses and end-users. One Lavo customer found incredible success when implementing a connected solution for a nursing home chain.

Nursing Home Chain Success

Lavo Solutions customer implemented connected solutions to dispense chemistry at a nursing home chain of 15 homes and 38 OPL machines. The results speak for themselves:

Pandemic Effects on Connected Solutions

Even though no one could have predicted Covid-19 and facility shutdowns, these connected solutions provided technicians with access and the ability to monitor and make changes to formulas and other system settings without physically having to go onsite and getting exposed to or exposing residents to the virus.

The Lavo customers were still able to produce monthly reports for chemical consumption, costs, and formula totals run. They saved time and money while still providing high levels of service during difficult times.

Why Invest in Connected Systems to Dispense Chemicals

There are several reasons why you should invest in connected systems and solutions! Not only can you see real-time data and inform business decisions, but you can also reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Using connected systems can provide better experiences for your customers and your employees.