Benefits of Using Smart Technology for Cleaning

Today, technology is embedded in most aspects of our lives. More and more businesses are incorporating technology into their operations in order to increase productivity and efficiency. Data is created, transferred, and analyzed and companies use this data to optimize their customer experience, improve their products, and market themselves. Smart devices use can track and record consumer behavior and this enables companies to market their products more efficiently. 

Why Smart Technology Is Important for a Business

IoT devices allow companies to monitor and analyze every aspect of their business, which results in improved efficiency and optimization to improve processes.  By reducing task completion time, IoT technology generates more opportunities to increase profits. Additionally, IoT applications can allow one worker to monitor the condition of company machines remotely, reducing the number of on-site employees.

In the field of janitorial services, technology can help businesses inform their cleaning process and improve cleaning efficiency and effectiveness. Data-driven tools based on IoT can monitor chemical dispensers and bring new efficiencies to cleaning teams.

Problems with chemical supply, equipment, or programs can be addressed through a dashboard where all data is available in real-time. The newest technology can be implemented into large and small facilities and warehouses to make them cleaner, healthier, and more efficient.

Businesses are required to make an initial investment of time and resources to implement new technologies. In order to integrate technology into its operations, a business must define its processes, integrate its systems through an integration platform, and sync its systems. 

How Lavo Uses Smart Technology Today

Lavo Solutions understands that software, hardware, and other technology can be used to provide evidence of clean. We know how to use data to prove that the cleaning process is done correctly. This can be used across a variety of applications:

  • Data can be used to confirm a chemical was properly diluted into a spray bottle by a janitorial team in a hospital.
  • Data can be used to confirm a laundry cycle at an OPL was done with the proper chemicals for the proper amount of time.
  • Data can be used to test a surface of a school to confirm the disinfection process was completed to the set standard.
  • Data can be used to confirm a chemical container inside a nursing home laundry system was not empty when it ran a load of sheets.

Data and analytics can inform the standard of cleanliness that should be upheld, and also ensure that a facility is cleaned to that standard each and every time the process happens. For more information about our smart solutions, click here.