How Lavo’s Connected Solutions Work for Laundry Services

Connected solutions are useful in coupling data and equipment together to show the efficiency and effectiveness of commercial laundry operations. Connected laundry equipment has the ability to keep people safe, save time and money, and can allow a total overview of all the systems you care about in one place.

The Laundry Cleaning Process Used Against COVID-19

Global research has proved the correct wash process is an important and effective step in eliminating viruses, including COVID-19. According to an American Laundry News article, “Washing and drying according to routine standards and procedures. For hot-water laundry cycles, detergent or disinfectant in water at 160 F for at least 25 minutes. For lower temperatures, chemicals suitable for low-temperature washing when used at the proper concentration” (ALN). Lavo’s Connected Laundry Equipment can provide evidence that proof of delivery and quantity were achieved for chemical injection steps in the wash process in facilities like nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, and others.

Connected Laundry Equipment can evidence steps actually happened throughout the wash formula and the process was successful:

How much detergent went in

Records individual injection steps and flow rates

Cycle time

The Lavo OPL – MultiLink Pro: These solutions connect up to 5 washers and 8 chemicals on one panel! Not only do you have 24/7 remote monitoring and access, but you also have remote calibration, programming, and troubleshooting.

The Lavo OPL – GoLink Pro & OPLink Pro: These solutions connect to single washing machines and allow for controlled dosing and proof of delivery via flow meter technology in OPL laundries.

Benefits of Using the Lavo OPL Series

Why is this important? These patented products can do all of this. This efficient cleaning process helps the fight against infection, virus, and COVID-19 – the virus affecting our society the most today. Connected laundry solutions allow your technicians to manage accounts, without the need to physically be on site. This becomes a huge benefit for locations that will not allow anyone in their facilities.

In fact, one Lavo Solutions customer installed connected laundry equipment in a Nursing home chain to dispense laundry chemicals for 15 homes and 38 OPL machines. They were able to maintain high levels of wash quality and reduce their overall service costs by 30%. In addition, the dispensing solutions did not require any squeeze tube maintenance which resulted in the perfect dosing of laundry chemicals each and every time.

As you can see, Lavo’s Connected Solutions are clearly proven to be successful in not only keeping linens and people safe but also saving time and money! To learn more about our “Connected Solutions” be sure to click here!