How Lavo Can Help with Food Service Cleaning Regulations

Regulations for food processing and safety are constantly changing, and the past year has accelerated the modernization of the industry and governance around it for the safety of staff and customers. Recently, the FDA released its ‘New Era of Smarter Food Safety blueprint’, a 10-year plan that builds on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

The blueprint contains 4 core elements:

  1. Tech-enabled traceability
  2. Smarter tools and approaches for prevention and outbreak response
  3. New business models and retail modernization
  4. Food safety culture

The FDA also emphasizes that “a strong food safety culture is a prerequisite to effective food safety management.”

How Lavo Can Help You Comply with New Regulations

Lavo Solutions can assist in compliance with these regulations. Lavo equipment uses data to trace and track the progress of the cleaning process. With our Connected Solutionsyou can look at data, formulas, and flow rates for equipment at food plants all over the world – from anywhere! Lavo also has a variety of smart tools and technology that can help inform cleaning processes and improve cleaning efficiency and effectiveness which can, in turn, prevent any outbreaks. Data-driven tools based on IoT can monitor chemical dispensers and bring new efficiencies to cleaning teams.

We can provide simple, clean, and connected products that are ready-to-use in any application, ideal to ensure a sanitized space and experience for staff and guests.

The Important of Food Safety in the Workplace

It is very important for companies to incorporate “food safety culture as a component of food safety management systems”. Lavo Solutions utilizes the latest technologies and cleaning equipment to keep workplaces clean and disinfected, and staff and customers safe.

COVID-19 has created several challenges that have further accelerated the need for the blueprint. With the help of Lavo Solutions and our latest technologies and cleaning equipment, we can create a safer and more digital, traceable food system.

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