How To Help Customers Cope With Vandalism

Restrooms in middle and high schools across the country have been the target of the recent TikTok bathroom challenge, “Devious Licks”. Some restrooms are being sprayed with chocolate milk and fake blood. Soap and paper towel dispensers, sinks, and toilets are being destroyed by students who film themselves as they vandalize the restrooms and post the video content on TikTok. 

Principals and school faculty are calling for an end to this destructive behavior, as the result has been a major disruption and cost for the schools. Arrests have been made, and TikTok has since been trying to shut down the trend by removing all videos related to this challenge, although new videos continue to appear and on other platforms as well.

The schools affected by these vandalism attacks are left with the burden of cleaning and repairing the damage, which is costly. Custodians, who usually end up being the ones responsible for cleaning up the mess, need to be on the front lines. Some schools have established limited access to restrooms in order to better monitor who is entering them.  This all happens when the need for proper hygiene is more important than ever to decrease the probability of Covid-19 infections and is essential in schools’ efforts to remain open during the pandemic. 

The Importance of Cleaning Protocols in Schools

The pandemic has brought into focus the importance of restroom cleanliness for infection prevention. Students should have access to clean restrooms that provide a means to stay healthy while attending in-person classes. Many facilities have implemented more strict cleaning protocols that create an environment that provides safety assurance to its users. Hopefully these best practices will remain in place beyond the current health crisis.

To assist those schools in need of replacing paper towel, toilet tissue and soap dispensers, ISSA has assisted with finding companies such as GP PRO. They have announced that they will provide these items at no cost. *Schools interested in receiving these supplies should call 1-866-435-5647 through September 30th or visit this link to contact GP PRO.*