The Best Places to Use Professional Cleaning Equipment

The type of cleaning equipment greatly depends on the location or environment you are intending to clean. It’s important to use different methods, strategies, and products for different situations and locations, such as restaurants, offices, schools, and factories. However, it’s always important to remember to use equipment that is professional and effective!

The Different Places to Use Professional Equipment

Restaurants, Kitchens, and Cafeterias

Restaurants need deep cleaning and sanitization, which therefore requires the best professional equipment to help get this done. From dishwashers to sinks and floors, companies such as Lavo can provide you with the right series of solutions to fit your restaurant and kitchen needs. Lavo’s SimpleSink is an easy-to-use chemical dispensing equipment for restaurants with 15 metering tips to choose from for all sink dosing needs that can also ensure accuracy. Paired with the DrainPro, which automatically delivers chemicals at programmed timed intervals to maintain sanitization, you can ensure proper disinfection and chemical use at multiple points.

Offices and Commercial

Especially with the spread of Covid-19 variants, it’s vitally important that offices are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly. The many benefits of using professional equipment can provide an ease of preparation for offices to reopen and implement new strategies to maintain the safety of all employees. A product such as the LavoDose can be used for all types of office layouts to ensure surfaces are regularly disinfected. This is important since some employees are beginning to return to work after the COVID-19 lockdown. A clean office space, as well as a reduced spread of germs throughout the office, can help employee mental health! If you can use these effective solutions, it will provide a safe office environment for everyone.

Schools and Classrooms

It’s important to identify health hazards within schools. Professional cleaning equipment can not only prevent the spread of Covid-19 variants but can also deliver simple and effective products to clean and disinfect all surfaces throughout schools. Lavo knows how it’s easy for the quality of the air to get compromised in shared spaces such as the classroom and can provide cleaning solutions that will ultimately allow school faculty members to feel comfortable and safe at school. Products such as the Hands-Free Sanitizing Station that are the most relied upon for school cleaning solutions can provide perfect dispensing for a variety of products, including liquid and foam soaps.

Factories, Plants, and Warehouses

There are several reasons why using professional equipment is necessary for factories and warehouses. By using proper equipment, you can avoid health and safety issues, you can protect your own equipment, improve employee morale and productivity and also make the right impression. A clean environment also can make the warehouse or factory run a lot smoother. One of the best products to use for this is the Lavo Portable Precision Cart Fogger since it can project cleaning chemicals at distances up to 15 feet!

In Conclusion

A clean environment is important for every business. However, different types of businesses require different types of cleaning equipment that meet their particular needs. The main key to a clean and successful environment, whether it’s a school or factory, is having the right supplies and equipment, and with Lavo, this is possible!