Personnel Issues Makes the List of the Top 5 FDA Violations

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released its annual Inspection Observation Data for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020. This data clearly shows how frequently several different violations were seen when doing FDA food facility inspections.

This past year, the FDA issued eighty-seven citations for personal violations during food inspections. These can include “failing to address hygiene issues or other good manufacturing practices in relation to employees handling food products.” This type of violation was significant in terms of all of the violations in 2020. In terms of the year 2021, it’s important to prevent these types of violations.

Sanitation citations also made up an important amount of the FY 2020 violations. The FDA cited facilities: “45 times for sanitization of food contact services alone, 81 times for failure to properly monitor their sanitation practices, 80 facilities for plant maintenance and sanitation issues, and 58 times for failing to sanitize their equipment”. Lavo equipment can successfully help in terms of preventing these violations from happening.

How Lavo Products Can Be Used to Prevent FDA Vi0lations

Lavo products are designed to foam, rinse, and sanitize medium to large surfaces and objects through separate dedicated hoses to assure no cross mixing of foaming and sanitizing chemistry. The injection system draws and blends chemical concentrates into the water streams to create accurately diluted solutions using precision metering tips to control chemical usage. Clinging foam is created by injecting compressed air into the foaming solution to greatly increase volume and projected through a fan nozzle. The sanitizer solution is projected as a “flooding” spray for fast complete coverage and the rinse is projected at full pressure, using the unique, powerful 4-hole nozzle.

These Lavo products can help with violations and issues:

Hands-Free Sanitizing Station: A dispenser that is designed to keep environments sanitary that pumps liquid or low viscosity products. This product is perfect for dispensing hand sanitizer in any type of environment!

LavoDose: A dilution and proportioning system that reliably dilutes chemical concentrates. It can efficiently fill chemical containers of various sizes with accurately diluted solutions for surface disinfection.

517 Sanitizer: A high-volume venturi injection system that uses standard city water pressure (35 – 125 PSI) to draw and blend chemical concentrate into the water stream.

Portable 517 Sanitize / Rinse / LC Foam Hose Drop Station: A combination applicator for applying one chemical as foam, another as a sanitizing spray, and for rinsing

Professional equipment can help facilities avoid costly fines for violations, and keep staff and customers safe.