Remote Capabilities and a Proactive Service Approach

Today, more and more businesses have been incorporating IoT technology to improve the productivity and efficiency of their operations. So, how exactly would your facility benefit from the impact of new technology? IoT technology opens the door to a whole new set of capabilities. It allows for tracking user behavior and generating appropriate data, which is then used to optimize customer experience. IoT technology can also reduce the amount of time spent searching for the cause of a problem, creating easier solutions and increasing profits. IoT applications can allow remote monitoring of products (both the machines and the formulas used for various solutions), therefore reducing the number of on-site employees or service technicians and therefore saving time and money.

Lavo’s Connected Solutions combine data and equipment together to show the efficiency and effectiveness of all operations. Therefore, this creates the ability to keep people safe, save time and money, and allow an overview of all the systems in one place. Our new Connected Solutions also allows for a more proactive service approach since it has the ability to identify and resolve customer issues before they even become problems!

Why It’s Important to Have a “Proactive” Service Approach

What exactly is a proactive service approach? It refers to the “processes and techniques used to protect against customer problems and to motivate repeat or higher-volume purchases”. To put it simply, it means anticipating customer issues and addressing them proactively, rather than wait for a call that something is wrong. If you have the capability to inform a customer of an impending problem or issue, rather than wait until service is disrupted, you will save time and money and create a stronger relationship that ideally increases sales and opportunities in the future.

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