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Updated EPA Guidance on Disinfection

The EPA has reinforced the effectiveness of the Lavo Solutions disinfection process. Using professional grade dispensing equipment to mist / fog a space with an approved chemical for disinfection, followed by the use of a long lasting antimicrobial like OMNIShield, can destroy bacteria on contact for up to 90 days after cleaning. Why choose spraying / fogging to disinfect? Spraying / Fogging covers hard and soft surfaces, floors and ventilation Cleans most room surfaces 10X faster than wiping. Can reduce organism counts by 50-99%, as validated by Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) swab testing. Fogging is identified as a “promising disinfectant application method” by... READ MORE

Using Data to Inform the Cleaning Process

Lavo Solutions was the guest on ISSA Media's Straight Talk segment, where Lavo CEO and Founder, Chip McAslan, discussed the role of data in cleaning and how it can inform and define training and process. For more information on Lavo's data and analytic process, contact us here. READ MORE

Lavo Solutions recently highlighted this WSJ article on our LinkedIn page. It is one of the best articles we've seen about the importance of a multi-step cleaning process that includes dwell time of chemical on a surface to kill virus and bacteria. Equipment exists that makes the cleaning process efficient and effective. And, don't forget, data can be collected before and after a cleaning process to prove the process was effective. Contact Lavo Solutions to learn more.   READ MORE

Lavo has always believed the difference is in the data, and proof of clean matters. It is more important today than ever. Not only should employees and consumers be demanding that industrial strength cleaning is done properly, we should be asking for the proof. What was the process? Was there appropriate dwell time? Was it cleaned with a commercial grade product approved by the EPA? Was professional dilution equipment used? One simple way to prove all the appropriate steps were taken is to collect data before and after cleaning. This can prove the appropriate steps were taken and the process... READ MORE

Consumers – ask if professional grade cleaning equipment is used.

The opportunity is here to demand industrial strength cleaning is done properly - every time. Lavo is proud to partner with chemical companies around the world to provide professional grade dispensing equipment to schools, airplanes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, long term care facilities, fitness centers and more. Over 300 consumer and commercial grade products are proven to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Many of these are dispensed with Lavo equipment. Coronavirus has put a new lens on our industry; consumers care - and count on - how facilities they visit are cleaned and sanitized. Businesses, hotels, gyms and care facilities... READ MORE

Lavo is more than dispensing equipment. Each day, the Lavo team is creating custom product solutions for our customers. We understand each customers' chemicals, needs and timing are different. We take the time to listen and carefully craft solutions that will meet those needs and exceed expectations. Work with Lavo and see our commitment to being more for your business and customers. Contact us at 949-377-1250 or READ MORE

Lavo is more than dispensing equipment. Each day, the Lavo team is supporting customers with installation and technical support on Lavo products, because our commitment does not end when products are delivered. We work with our customers, sales teams and technicians to test and re-test equipment in a variety of situations and develop best practices that ensure simple, successful installations and satisfied end users. Work with Lavo and see our commitment to being more for your business and customers. Contact us at 949-377-1250 or READ MORE

Does your business receive pallets full of dispensing equipment with no indication what is in each box? This causes massive headaches for the the warehouse staff who puts these items in inventory, stress for the technician reloading the service trucks or searching for replacement parts. Lavo offers more. We make your warehouse and operations groups more efficient by individually barcoding each unit so no one has to guess which product is which. For some quantities, we will add a unique part number to the outside of the box. Work with Lavo and see our commitment to being more for your business... READ MORE

Connect with Lavo at the Clean Buildings Expo

Members of the Lavo Team will be at the ISSA Clean Buildings Expo in Baltimore March 26 & 27. Connect with us there! READ MORE

Did you know that Lavo Solutions offers the fastest lead times in the industry? Lavo's same day shipping on most orders can turn shorter lead times into huge profits for your business. In 2018, Lavo shipped 95% of standard units in less than 24 hours…and most were custom labeled! Adding one, three, five days or more of additional pump time to an account can add up fast. Imagine how many accounts you could accommodate by scheduling an install within days of placing an order with Lavo. More accounts installed means more chemical sales! Connect with your Lavo Representative or call... READ MORE