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This past year, the business world’s way of doing things turned upside down when Covid-19 hit. The pandemic has changed so many parts of the business world, in particular, face-to-face selling, which has become less and less doable. Several social distancing restrictions have forced many buyers to order online, fast-tracking the implementation of virtual selling and making it a vital skill. So, what exactly is virtual selling? To put simply, it is the process of successfully getting a purchase without being there. This past year, author Jeb Blount published a book called “Virtual Selling: A Quick-Start Guide to Leveraging Video,... READ MORE

Congress and President Trump recently approved a COVID-19 relief package that will provide aid for the economy. The over 5,000-page bill contains $900 billion in aid for qualifying Americans that can be worth up to $600 per adult and child, an increase benefits for the unemployed, as well as funds for small-business aid and vaccine distribution. It includes stimulus checks, help for small businesses, and vaccine distribution funding. What does this mean for schools?  About $82 billion out of the $900 billion would go to education itself: - $54.3 billion would go to K-12 grade - $22.7 would go to... READ MORE

Lavo Solutions is proud to work with GBAC Star, the cleaning industry's only outbreak prevention, response and recovery accreditation for facilities. GBAC STAR is the gold standard of prepared facilities. This accreditation means that a facility has: - Established and maintained a cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention program to minimize risks associated with infectious agents like the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). - The proper cleaning protocols, disinfection techniques, and work practices in place to combat biohazards and infectious disease. - Highly informed cleaning professionals who are trained for outbreak and infectious disease preparation and response. Lavo and GBAC know that... READ MORE

Lavo Solutions helps our partners in manufacturing to define and implement cleaning and sanitization efforts for warehouse spaces. These efforts are designed to disinfect the workspace, keep employees safe, and keep businesses and warehouses operating. Our recommendations are based on CDC guidelines related to COVID-19. Dedicate a Shift for Cleaning and Sanitizing Depending on the items processed or manufactured in a particular plant, many manufacturers are dedicating a shift for cleaning and sanitizing common areas while also training workers to clean and sanitize their shared workstations at the beginning and end of each shift. Provide Professional Equipment It is important... READ MORE

The MiniWash 100, a single OPL Laundry Pump from Lavo Solutions, is effective in properly cleaning firefighters’ turnout gear. NFPA 1851, updated in 2019, set new requirements for how fire departments select, track, inspect, clean, repair, store and retire PPE in an effort to combat severe illnesses among firefighter related to hazardous contaminants on PPE. The simple and compact MiniWash 100, when combined with a wash extractor and an approved NFPA detergent, helps firehouses be in compliance with NFPA 1851 requirements. MiniWash 100 allows the highest volume output of chemical for a single laundry pump on the market to effectively... READ MORE

Lavo's Co-Founder Campbell Dodson has been selected to American Laundry News 2021 Panel of Experts. Campbell, a veteran of the large laundry and chemical dilution equipment industries, began his career at WSI, an industry leader in laundry products for linen, uniform and healthcare rental markets over 20 years ago. He Co-Founded Lavo in 2018. As part of the panel, Campbell will provide expertise in the chemical supply category related to commercial laundry. Check back in Lavo's news to see all the future contributions. Congrats, Campbell! READ MORE

Lavo is virtually exhibiting at the 2020 ISSA show. Do you want to learn more about our connected people, processes and equipment? You can schedule time with us to hear for yourself. Schedule a 15 minute consultation with Lavo's Founders, Chip McAslan and Campbell Dodson to learn more. READ MORE

Lavo is hiring! Join the fastest growing dilution control team in the industry. Lavo West Coast Sales Job Description Lavo Mid-West Sales Job Description Contact for more information. READ MORE

The EPA has reinforced the effectiveness of the Lavo Solutions disinfection process. Using professional grade dispensing equipment to mist / fog a space with an approved chemical for disinfection, followed by the use of a long lasting antimicrobial like OMNIShield, can destroy bacteria on contact for up to 90 days after cleaning. Why choose spraying / fogging to disinfect? Spraying / Fogging covers hard and soft surfaces, floors and ventilation Cleans most room surfaces 10X faster than wiping. Can reduce organism counts by 50-99%, as validated by Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) swab testing. Fogging is identified as a “promising disinfectant application method” by... READ MORE

Lavo Solutions was the guest on ISSA Media's Straight Talk segment, where Lavo CEO and Founder, Chip McAslan, discussed the role of data in cleaning and how it can inform and define training and process. For more information on Lavo's data and analytic process, contact us here. READ MORE